Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cat Be Gone

Cat: Sigh. It's been a long month. I haven't seen anyone or done much. Bear has sequestered himself in his apartment to write his memoirs. I'm welcome visit but I need a new pad.

In comes Cat the Wanderer.

Apparently, Lemonjello and Oranjello were too much. They have wandered off. We all have storage at Bear's and a place to visit but apparently moose head offering were too much so he kicked us all out.

For now, this blog will live as a little time that we had together....

But Bear gave me the phone and I'm off! I'll be posting here:

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Coffee Shop News

Cat: These are random things from the coffee shop. We met Aunti Gone.

Bear: Antigone.

Cat: She's Gage's girlfriend.

Bear: I don't think that's exactly true.

Cat: Why not?

Bear: Well...

Cat: Lalala...

Bear: ::sigh::

Cat: Well, we spent time with Gage and Anti. It was cool.

Bear: Cat, you are a nuisance.
Cat: Am not.

Bear: What about, Lemonjello and Oranjello? Hrm?

Cat: What abou them? They are perfectly rational bears.

Bear: I only have a studio apartment. Some one has to go.

Cat: Lalala...then there was Bubba. Bububububububuububuububu.

Bear: And that turned out preditably.

Cat: Life lesson, don't name your children Bubba if you don't want a cat jumping on their head.

Bear: We have a had a talk.

Cat: Utoh.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Writers Group

Bear: Grumble.

Cat: They made hold up the sign.

Bear: Grumble.

Monday, July 31, 2006

We're Back!

Cat: We're back! It was fun, fun, fun....and paint there was paint.

Bear: Dear god, I am tired.

Cat: Yes well.

Bear: Ow. Where's my bed?

Cat: Bear had a little run in with some of that Skittles vodka. Personally I thought it was a bad idea. But we played games, painted and rode in a limo.

Bear: There's bears in my bed. Cat...

Cat: Here's us in the limo.

Bear: Where's my toothbrush...wait what is in the socket over there?

Cat: Here's the limo. Snazzy!

Bear: Why is there pizza in the sink?

Cat: We played Iron Kingdoms, and Millienums End. I drove a Hummer into a house!

Bear: Where are the house cats? Why is the closet closed and what's the meowing...?

Cat: That's my green hummer. This is us at the Iron Kingdom's table.

Bear: Where did these beer cans come from? I don't drink this crap. Why are there feathers every where? Dear god, my comforter!

Cat: I painted some nice minis. That kept me busy for most of Pheonixcon. Bear gave me some pointers. He doesn't like to share it but he really has a nifty artistic side.

Bear: Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhh!

Cat: Oops, gotta go.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Company Picnic

Bear: We've had an invasion. it started at Michelle's company picnic. We were sunning ourselves.

Cat: We were in the shade. All day. Lots of shade.

Bear: Then what were you doing?

Cat: Scratching my back.

Bear: Well then we were approached by two bears. They went straight up to Cat and demanded that she let me go.

Cat: Crazy bears.

Bear: I came over to let them know that they were mistaken. But they insisted.

Cat: Then the Orange one got friendly. So I got more friendly. The Green one and Bear pulled us appart.

Bear: We it turns out that they thought I was being used as a cat toy. Though there are somedays in which I don't think they're wrong, I set them straight.

Cat: I talked with them all day.

Bear: Which was nice of you.

Cat: So I invited them to come live with us.

Bear: You what?

Cat: Yeah, it'll be great.

Bear: We're going to Arizona. We don't have the room.

Cat: I gave them the key and instuctions on feeding the house cats. Dude for litter box duty, they can stay as long as you want.

Bear: But you can't, they're not.

Cat: He's stuttering. We'll see you all when we get back to Arizona.

Bear: From.

Cat: Oh, I gave them your bed.

Bear: Dear lord.

Cat: That's so cool. I wish I could change color like that. See you when we get back from Arizona!

The Future Holds

Bear: Cat has taken up a new hobby.

Cat: Tarot for Cats!

Bear: I allowed her to tell my fortune.

Cat: I need to get a smaller deck for traveling.

Bear: It wasn't pleasant.

Cat: Bear, can I get...what wasn't pheasant?

Bear: The reading.

Cat: Why? I got on my swami hat and laid all those cards for you and had each one translated by the cat of nine lives.

Bear: I know Cat but...

Cat: But what? You're a foolish, worldly bear.

Bear: We went over this. I don't think you're doing this right.

Cat: You're not the boss of me.

Bear: You wouldn't let me read the book.

Cat: The sacred text for the tarot of cats is not for the faint of non-cat heart.

Bear: Cat that's silly.

Cat: And?

Bear: Cat, all you did was to wave your paws around then proclaim I was a foolish, worldly bear with no explanation.

Cat: But Bear, the great Cat of Nine Lives doesn't talk to bears.

Bear: No more caffeine for you.

Ren Fair Costumes FOUND

::Happy DANCE::

Cat: We found our costumes! The fell out of the bag and then rolled. And we found them and then we put them on...

Bear: What Cat is trying to say is that we found them behind a door and decided to pose for pictures.

Cat: I'm so pretty.

Bear: Your belly is sticking out.

Cat: ::pout:: I wanted to wear the girly chain mail but you wouldn't let me.

Bear: It's not girly, it's a nobleman's chain...

Cat: Noblewhoiswhatis?

Bear: Nobleman.

Cat: Neebermoosit?

Bear: Nobleman.

Cat: NIPoosipman?


Cat: oooo Sparkles.

Dental Safari

Bear: it was time to get Aia's teeth cleaned so we went with for comfort. Apparently, "animals" are not allowed in medical institutions.

Cat: I think the lady with the screams says it all.

Bear: We visited the Koi Garden outside.

Cat: They lied.

Bear: What?

Cat: It so sucked. They lied. I saw no Koi. I even brought butter.

Bear: You can't eat Koi. Besides it was just a nice garden.

Cat: If I find the person who named it, I'm going to demand Koi.

Bear: Cat, we can get fish any time.

Cat: But I wanted Koi now. Or then. Or sometime. Or....

Bear: It's been a long two weeks. We've got a lot of catching up todo.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rain at the Ren Fair

Bear: We lost our ren fair costumes which was probably a good thing.

Cat: I loved my princess costume...all I have left is my wand and necklace. Sniff.

Bear: Yes but your belly stuck out .

Cat: You're just happy cause you had gems in your chain mail.

Bear: It was royal chain mail.

Cat: It was gay chainmail.

Bear: Anyway we still, went to the Ren was raining. Here we are hiding from the rain in the purse.

Cat: Bad Rain.

Bear: One good thing is that Cat got wet again.

Cat: Sniff. Yes, but I didn't take a mud bath.

Bear: I did wash myself. Later.

Cat: Not before I got a hold of the camera phone.

Bear: Ew. Well after that we got some hot chocolate at IHOP.

Cat: It was numy. I rolled in it.

Bear: Which is why I got my own.

Cat Bath II

Bear: Brewster provided Cat bath two last week. He was a special guest at work.

Cat: Grumble.

Bear: I love dogs. Now I just need to train the house dog, Wynnie, to bathe you.

Cat: Grumble.

Aia Hugs

Cat: Aia has asked that we post pictures of Aia Hugs (TM).

Bear: She is snuggly.

July 4th and Surrounding Days

Cat: We are so behind.

Bear: We are out living life...besides it takes forever to text the posts into this phone.

Cat: Oh that's right we've got a nook now, and the phone and my back pack.

Bear: ::Grumble::

Cat: Hey you wanted the "manly" phone and comprimise and all that crap. So we got the cool pink back pack.

Bear: Yes, but I have to carry it.

Cat: Not my issue. Would you make a girl carry her books?

Bear: No.

Cat: Well then, there you go. We also saw the Lake House and Superman.

Bear: They were very well put together movies but the premise for Lake House was very flimsy.

Cat: pashaw. it was soo good, Keanu was dreamy.

Bear: Bah.

Cat: You can't just apprieciate beauty can you?

Bear: Bah.

Cat: We had such good seats, I could see his nose hairs.

Bear: Cat, you can't seriously apprieciate human nose hairs.

Cat: Why not? That was the better show since we didn't get fireworks.

Bear: Yes, there was tornado weather which was remarkable.

Cat: But I wanted fire.

Bear: Lightning just has to do.

Cat: Fire's better than the wet.

Bear: Oh yes! The baths. Three times in one week!! The heavenly baths for Cat.

Cat: Bear, I don't like wet.

Bear: Will I agree that wet cat smells funny, it's better than the dirty smell you had before.


Billy Brown Bear

Cat: I know Bear likes him but Billy is a little too weird for me.

Bear: You just can't appriciate the bear mindset, Cat.

Cat: I dunno...Pink glasses and hawaiian shirts. And that Marmie, I wonder if she tastes good?

Bear: I'm not fond of Marmasettes for dinner. Besides you're just mad cause she has the same backback as you.

Cat: Sniff.